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In today's world, outsourcing is the most proficient manner to reduce expenditure and take pleasure of the benefits of state-of-the art infrastructure, the most talents resources and efficient project management. We offer flexible hiring models to ease projects execution that are completely budget friendly and result-oriented. Our models make it easier for clients to control over the latest technologies for the betterment of their business.

Engagement Models

Fixed Price Working Model

This model is suitable for the projects with precisely defined deliverables and well specified project scope. Entrepreneurs who have fixed objectives in mind get benefited from this model in terms of budget and deadlines. The project progress is easily observed with the defined scope, milestones and deliverables.

Time and Material Model

This model is specially designed for complex projects that are time and resource bounds. This model allows you to hire resource on an hourly basis and Infibrain only charges you for the time spent by resources on the requirements received from client.

Dedicated Team Model

This model is most cost-effective for those who do not want to maintain their in-house team for their projects. Customers can hire entire team of developers / designers and quality engineers to work on his project. Customers are charged for the whole set of team for the predetermined project time. Team would directly report to you, making it easy to monitor progress.

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