Infibrain offers robust and world-class infrastructure options for a variety of customer sizes and traffic needs.

Each account, whether an entry-level personal account, or one of our largest dedicated Enterprise solutions, is designed with a best-in-class level of performance, uptime, and redundancy for the price-point affordable for you.

Below, is the brief how we have designed our hosting environment, starting with the standard features available across all plans and then breaking out into the specifics of each of our SMB, Premium, and Enterprise architectures, and specifically what sets them apart from one another.

State of the art infrastructure to serve customers better

Commonality Across all Environments

Every customer gets benefit from the same robust and performance-oriented software technology stack which ensures top security, speed, and scalability.

Our Secret

All web traffic is handled by our sophisticated front-end system. We continually audit and adjust system for maximum performance and are finely tuned for Web Application delivery.

Premium Plans: Dedicated Virtualization

Premium plans are a step up from shared plans, and feature a custom environment for each customer. This environment, while also based on Xen virtualization, is reserved solely to a single customer, and is not multi-tenant with others in the ecosystem.

Enterprise Plans: Clustered for High-Availability and Scale

Enterprise plans offer top level of hosting power. These configurations are capable of serving upwards of 50 million visitors a month, and come in both multi-tenant and dedicated flavors. Multi-tenant clusters offer an incredible amount of performance and strong redundancy at an effective price point, while dedicated clusters can be custom built for extremely large traffic needs.

SMB Plans: Personal, Professional, and Business

Our shared plans offer an incredible amount of performance at an affordable price point. These plans are built on a Xen virtualized environment with robust hardware hypervisors. Our host machines include redundant power and disk arrays and can handle significant amounts of CPU, network IO, and disk throughput.

Shared plans run on virtualized instances which are designed to achieve the optimal cost/performance ratio. This multi-tenant environment is designed with our strong security environment in place, so one Infibrain customer cannot intrude on another's user space. Host machine utilization is constantly monitored and always runs with a large amount of overhead in place to ensure customer sites can scale during traffic spikes.

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